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Caribbean Sound & Light is a custom integrator offering a turnkey solution in the fields of whole-house lighting controls, audio and video distribution, residential theaters, closed circuit television systems and more. With years of experience, and a customer list that includes some of the finest residences in the Eastern US and Caribbean, we are uniquely positioned to design, furnish, and install the most advanced electronics systems, and make them simple and intuitive to enjoy. From corporate meeting rooms, to hotels and restaurants, to thirty-thousand square foot oceanfront residences, you can depend on Caribbean Sound & Light to provide the highest quality systems on time and within budget.


​Great buildings don’t simply materialize on their sites.  They are realized only through a painstaking design process. If that process fails to include the electronic environment, the result is all too often a costly and aggravating retrofit after the fact. Whether the building is a private estate, an office, hotel, or nightclub, the effort expended on up-front design always pays dividends.  

Caribbean Sound & Light specializes in design, documentation, and specification of lighting controls, music and digital media distribution, structured voice/data/TV wiring, boardroom presentation systems, residential cinemas, and even cellular repeater systems to maintain quality communications in areas or buildings with weak cellular reception. Energy management is a particular area that we have long experience in. 

Working closely with owners, interior designers, architects, engineers, and other design professionals, CS&L will gather information, make recommendations, and ultimately present a system design that works technologically and satisfies the building’s aesthetic and budgetary goals. If desired, our designs and specifications can be put out for tender.

The design process describes a system or systems, their operation, interfaces, quality level, and the parts and pieces that make up the systems. Engineering then insures that those parts and pieces, often from different manufacturers, will indeed play well together, be intuitive and enjoyable to use, and operate reliably over the long term.

At CS&L nothing is left to chance. Everything must work on paper first. The engineering process accounts for equipment limitations, interoperability, the electrical and physical environment, room acoustics, local codes and building practices, and a host of other considerations. Detailed engineering for even the smallest systems pulls the design together and eliminates ‘gray’ areas and unpleasant surprises at startup time.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Caribbean Sound & Light employs highly skilled technicians who can do it all. We invest heavily in training, so that jobsite personnel are prepared for any challenge.

Diligent project management ensures that equipment is purchased and staged for timely delivery to the project location at every phase. We strive to maintain friendly and cooperative relationships with all the construction trades on a project, and meet every milestone and deadline. Quality assurance is maintained at the highest standards through every phase of the project. Owner training is a high priority.

Anyone can sell products. Experience, highly trained, and motivated installation personnel are key to our success.

When the design, engineering, and installation processes have been completed properly and according to plan, and owners or their personnel have been adequately trained, there is usually little support required, other than staying in touch with the customer to keep them informed of new technology developments of interest.

Realistically, however, things do happen. Wherever practical, Caribbean Sound & Light incorporates remote diagnostics into system design, and many problems can be solved with a phone call. Sophisticated multi-discipline systems are designed so that failure of any component part doesn’t result in catastrophic overall failure. When required, technicians are dispatched speedily with everything required to get things back to normal.

Caribbean Sound & Light also seeks out and maintains relationships with ‘partner’ companies in the countries we serve, so that there are always trained boots on the ground close to the job. We’ve even sponsored factory training in the US for partner company personnel.